Hometown: Youngwood, Pennyslvania

Birthday: July 4! (You're welcome for the fireworks).

Education: Completed 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2009 with Dana Rae Paré at Infinite Yoga. Prenatal and postnatal in January 2017 with Sheri Colosimo of Miracles on the Mat. BA in art and photography, Seton Hill College, 1994. Somewhere in the middle of all of that I did some Pilates training.  And 20 years of life experience performing and teaching dance internationally.

Mentors: Every dancer I've ever worked with, every yoga teacher I've ever studied with, and my dogs. 

Teaching style: Flowy flowy flowy vinyasa, Dance Flow Yoga, strength focused flow stuff, and a wee bit of restorative. Did I mention I like flow?

Fave pose: The space between the postures. I love to focus on the breath and fluidity. And all of the planky stuff; side plank, compass, flip dog, fallen triangle. And all the splits. I can keep going and this list will change tomorrow. 

Music style for class: Down tempo funky sexy stuff.

Interests out of Yoga: dancey dance, me dawgs, world travel, growing food, being with my family.

Fave fruit: Avocados and cucumbers. Get out of here with your apples and bananas! Oh wait.......I'll take a mango if you've got it. 

Special talent: I can do weird stuff with my belly.

Fave place in San Diego: My home studio

IG: @hastants