Hometown: San Diego, CA

Birthday: April 18

Education: NESTA Sport Yoga Certification, 200hr YTT with SkyTing Yoga, 30hr Katonah Yoga Training, Yoga Sculpt Intensive with Core Power Yoga 

B.A. in Global Studies with a concentration in Journalism from Providence College

Favorite yoga pose: Malasana/Garland Pose

Least favorite yoga pose: Boat Pose

Teaching style: I think of yoga as a tool to nurture your inner nature. I use a lot of metaphors to encourage us to look at the body as a place to explore and embody. I love alignment cues, a good set of breath work and an awesome playlist. 

Yoga tunes: I like to mix it up, but you can count on some sort of Deep House. Currently loving Yotto, Tinlicker and Adriatique plus a little Etta James, H.E.R. and Leon Bridges.

Fave fruit: Figs

Interests outside of yoga: Cooking big breakfasts, charcuterie boards and wine, music festivals, self help books, traveling and thrift shopping.

Neighborhood: La Jolla

Fave place in San Diego: I have so many favorites but I'm never disappointed by the run path between La Jolla Shores and the Cove (even when it smells like seals).

Special Talent: Abnormally good luck shopping on Craigslist.  

Favorite book: The Life of Pai and Staying Healthy with the Seasons.

Best thing yoga has taught you: We are embodied and dimensional beings. Emotions, attitudes, perspectives, preferences are manifested in the body. When we occupy our centers, we are capable of spherical radiance. 

Mentors: Abby Galvin and Alex Sharry, Ally Bogard, Kumi Sawyers and Jenna Zabrosky

Quotes: So into quotes I keep a story feature on my IG. Current fave: The universe only has 3 answers. 1. Yes 2. Not right now 3. I have something better for you.

IG: @katherinevache
email: kvbacino@gmail.com