Hometown: San Diego, CA

Birthday: 08/19

Education: 200ryt Hatha. American Yoga Academy, West Orange, NJ
200ryt Vinyasa. Indie Yoga, Ocean Beach, San Diego
300ryt Integrative OM, San Diego
Continuing Education: 
Pre and Post Natal Immersion. Miracles on the Mat. Sheri Colosimo
Thai Massage, Kids Yoga, Advanced Yogic Philosophy, Restorative and Yin Yoga, Reiki Levels I and II. 
Advanced ajustments, Yoga mythology, Ayurveda, 
Trained through IO to lead 200 hour YTT and assist 300 YTT


Favorite yoga pose: Back bends are my jam so any heart opener! Be ready to flip your dog, find fallen triangle, wheel or camel at some point in my class. I like to practice the way I live-with an open heart!

Teaching style: Fluid and dynamic Vinyasa to slow and healing Hatha. I like to do it all!

Yoga tunes: Lightening in a bottle meets Woodstock classic jams blended with your grandmas classic AM radio station. It's funky and you'll like it. 

Fave fruit: Pineapples for life!

Interests outside of yoga: catch me rollerblading, stand up paddle boarding or riding my bike. I love being outside, I am literally powered by the sun. 

Fave place in San Diego: Ocean Beach 921OB y'all, love my hippie village. It's an open and accepting community, especially if you're smelly. And it has my favorite secret beach. 

Special Talent: bringing communities together. I love connectedness and it is my goal to unite the yoga community into one bad*** and inspired tribe that wants to make the world a better place.

IG: @LoveAsana
Facebook: helloheartspace