Hometown: New Zealand

Birthday: June 7

Pronouns: She/her

Education: 200 hour YTT and 100 hour prenatal YTT  at Nature's Whisper School of Yoga.

B.A. Women's Studies (Summa cum laude Y'all) SDSU, 2009

Favorite yoga pose?: I have three kids, savasana.

Teaching style?: Weeeeelllll I believe you are your own true teacher. I’m just the instructor suggesting stuff to do with your bod. So I’m always saying stuff like “they’re not my thighs-I don’t know if you want them burning right now.” I’ll always give you the opportunity to get your thighs burning but I hope your inner teacher will decide for you. At Honey we feel like we’re doing our jobs right when you take child’s pose in the middle of flow.

Mentors: Taking applications. Help wanted. Also, he doesn't know about it, but Bryan Kest.   

Most challenging pose?: Warrior III.

Fave fruit? Fejoa. But don’t go paying $2.99 each when you find them. It’ll be cheaper to fly to New Zealand.

Words to live by: "Attitude shapes your experience."

Also new fave quote: “Even if your technique really sucks if you just sit around and feel your breath you’ll feel your nervous system slowly settling” Michael Stone.

What poses do you always teach?: Savasana. I don't want anyone to go crazy.

Interests outside of yoga?: Reading and reading. Margaritas. Neither of which I am able to indulge in much as I’d like these days.

Best thing yoga has taught you?: Breath Matters.

Fave place in San Diego?: The downhill at Torrey Pines over the cliffs. When I would speak to my nana in NZ after I left, she would say she waved to me from her front lawn (East Coast, New Zealand). She was so cute. Some of the surf we get here started in New Zealand so she was onto something.

Music style for class: Be grateful it’s not the ‘90s or I’d be playing a 75 minute Ani Difranco compliation. TG for Spotify.

Something you say in your class? “Get out of your head and into your body.” Especially in chair pose. I also like to quote Bryan Kest a lot.

IG: olivia_hayward_af
Email: olivia@honeysandiego.com