Hometown: New Zealand

Birthday: June 7

Education: 200 hour YTT and 100 hour prenatal YTT  at Nature's Whisper School of Yoga.

B.A. Women's Studies (Summa cum laude Y'all) SDSU, 2009

Favorite yoga pose?: I have three kids, svasana.

Teaching style?: Vinyasa-ish but always evolving. I like to warm the body, find strength and help blow away any of the days unnecessary crap. I also really want people to be kind to themselves, in their lives and practice and sometimes this can mean backing up and backing off. But sometimes it can mean finding a wee, tiny, weeny bit of an edge.

Mentors: Taking applications. Help wanted. Also, he doesn't know about it, but Bryan Kest.   

Most challenging pose?: Trikonasana.

Fave fruit? Fejoa.

Words to live by: "Attitude shapes your experience."

What poses do you always teach?: Svasana. I don't want anyone to go crazy.

Interests outside of yoga?: Reading and reading. Margaritas. Neither of which I am able to indulge in much as I’d like these days.

Best thing yoga has taught you?: Right now I am particularly in love with each and every breath in my practice, even when my body is being a weirdo. Which reminds me, I am not my body and I am not my thoughts. I am my consciousness and that shit is limitless!

Special talent?: I never lose my keys. I've lost my wig on occasion, but never my keys. 

One thing you'd take to a desert island?: Obviously not my kids. Jk.
Ok fine, I’ll take my kids.

Something you say in your class?: "There's no 'should' in yoga. " Especially in chair pose. I also like to quote Bryan Kest a lot.

IG: olivia_hayward_af
Email: olivia@honeysandiego.com