Hometown: New Zealand

Birthday: June 7

Education: 200 hour YTT and 100 hour prenatal YTT  at Nature's Whisper School of Yoga.

B.A. Women's Studies (Summa cum laude Y'all) SDSU, 2009

Favorite yoga pose?: I have three kids, svasana.

Teaching style?: Vinyasa based but always evolving. I like to warm the body, find strength and help blow away any of the days unnecessary crap. I also really want people to be kind to themselves, in their lives and practice and sometimes this can mean backing up and backing off.  Also, mistakes are learning opportunites so expect a bunch, 

Mentors: Taking applications. Help wanted.

Most challenging pose?: Trikonasana.

Fave fruit? Fejoa.

Words to live by: "Attitude shapes your experience." #alignment.

What poses do you always teach?: Svasana. I don't want anyone to go crazy.

Interests outside of yoga?: Reading and reading. Margaritas.

Best thing yoga has taught you?: Reacting to anything with my ego is big, fat waste of time. It's a constant struggle but I am creating new neural pathways so that one day I'll be the Dalai Lama. 

Neighborhood?: Kensington. 

Special talent?: I never lose my keys. I've lost my wig on occasion, but never my keys. 

One thing you'd take to a desert island?: Obviously not my kids. Jk.

Something you say in your class?: "There's no 'should' in yoga. Only do it if it feels good." Especially in chair pose. 

IG: @mama_stay_yoga
Email: olivia@honeysandiego.com