Hometown: Moorhead MN

Birthday: Jan. 18

Training/education : Yahweh Yoga 200 hr, House of Yogi workshops: pre-natal yoga and adjustments

Mentors:  Gabrielle Blachley

Teaching style: I love teaching powerful flows that allow students to choose their variations and level of exertion. I cater my classes to the wishes of the students. We can't take ourselves too seriously, so I tend to throw my awkward humor into the mix.

Fave pose: Navasana/boat pose or child's pose

Music style for class: Upbeat instrumental for challenging flows, liquid mind for meditative times

Interests outside of Yoga: I spend time outside of yoga acting in theatre, adventuring with my husband and sweet dog, hosting dinner parties, or working on landscaping at our new home.

Fave fruit: Strawberries

Special talent: I have a special talent for managing money

Fave place in San Diego: Old Town