DLTM Episode 6: Eat your heart out, 2019: Our intentions for the year ahead

Happy Holidays, friends! In this episode of Don’t Listen to Me, Olivia and Bridget look back on what shaped this year and what gifts-not-goals their offering themselves in 2019. They discuss non-attachment (and even manage to come up with the Sanskrit name for it after several tries #badyogis) and how as they cultivate more of it, it makes life better and better.

Bridget discusses how she’s excited to approach relationships with men differently in the new year by being “ruthlessly uncompromising.” Olivia talks about a very weird coincidence in her life that started in 1979 and involves every single year that ends in a 9. And how this year she’s not afraid of it.

Bridget recommends the podcast Believed by Michigan Public Radio.
Olivia recommends helicopter parents find their own park.

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