Some frequently asked questions about prenatal yoga

I just peed on a stick. Now what the f*$% do I do??

You've come to the right place. It is never too early to start practicing prenatal yoga. In fact, you can practice prenatal yoga even when you're not pregnant!

Prenatal yoga is, among other things, a fantastic prep for the hard work of pregnancy, labor, birth and the biggie, parenthood. Get here early (in pregnancy), and stay late (allllllllll the way to the end. Seriously.).

Is yoga safe for pregnancy?

There are many, many, many studies that suggest yoga is not only safe, but beneficial for pregnant people. If you have concerns, please check with your doc or midwife.

Is there anyone who shouldn't practice yoga when they're pregnant?

It is not safe to practice yoga is you have a condition called placenta previa. This can only be diagnosed by a medical professional.

I just wanna barf all the time.

Come to yoga. It usually makes you feel better. For a while, anyway.

What happens to my membership when I have the baby?

Let us know (especially if you named the baby after us) and we will suspend your membership for up to six weeks. Come back when you're ready, but we really don't want to see you on the mat until you stop bleeding your own blood. (Second, third, ninth time mamas might take a little longer, just contact us info@honeysandiego.com if you’re not sure.)

Can I only take prenatal classes?

No, silly!! Many of our teachers have specialized and extended prenatal training and you are welcome in any of their classes.  Check out your teacher's bio to find out more.

“I’ve had three babies* and I never sneeze-pee. I credit this entirely to prenatal yoga. ”

— Olivia, Honey co-founder