Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Birthday: December 27th

Training/education: 2oo hour YTT @ Pilgrimage of the Heart, San Diego; PhD Candidate in Art History @ UCSD (specializing in contemporary Middle Eastern art)

Mentors: Alyssa Runyan, Nikole Fortier, my fellow yogi teacher friends

Teaching style: Truly all-levels vinyasa that allow each person to find and play with their edge.

Fave pose: Forearm stand (pincha mayurasana), Pigeon pose (eka pada raja kapotasana)

Music style for class: Chill instrumental groove (with some faster paced beats for when we speed up those vinyasas!)

Interests out of Yoga: Art, climbing, hiking, my dog.

Fave fruit: Strawberries on their own, cherries in a pie.

Special talent: A ridiculous (almost scary) memory.

Fave place in San Diego: Atop a peak where you can see the oceans, mountains, and valleys all at once.
IG: @phdyogi
FB: @phdyogi