I've never done yoga before, which class is for me?

All of our classes are open to all levels. You might be a little lost for the first couple classes (though our excellent teachers will help you out) but you'll get the hang of it. You can also watch the people around you but you don't have to do what they're doing. Know who the best surfer in the ocean is? The one having the most fun.  Do what you can and know that we all start somewhere. Seriously. 

Also, no-one cares what you look like on the mat. And if they do, that's on them. 

What kind of yoga do you do at Honey?

Greaaaat question. Most of our teachers practice and teach yoga that matches breath to movement (sometimes this is called vinyasa or flow). Unless otherwise indicated (in the case of a specialty class like yin yoga) we like to bust a move, build some heat, connect to our bodies and our breath, then chill out for a nice, restorative svasana.

Our guarantee of great yoga comes from our confidence in our teachers. They have a lot of latitude to design and teach their own classes. Come check them out and see what happens. 

Do you do heated yoga at Honey?

No we don't. 
But we definitely believe in breaking a sweat. 

Which classes can I chill out in? 

You know, you can chill out whenever you want! But look out for Honey Restore, Slow Flow and Mellow Honey if you're looking to sloooow down.

Do I need to bring a mat?

We definitely encourage practitioners to invest in their own mat. If you have one, bring it. If not, we have a few spares. 

What's your cancellation policy?

If you have to cancel, please do so at least 15 minutes before class. If you preregister and don't show up it will count as a class from your package. Unlimited members get a warning. See your contract to find out more about no-show penalties. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Dude, we totally get it. We need thirty days notice BEFORE your next billing date (if you're billed every month on the 15th, you need to let us know 30-days BEFORE that so you don't get billed on the next month). But we don't hold you to any minimum amount of months on any membership. Because we love you. And if you love something, set it free. 

Do you offer mat storage?


Do you have an advanced class?

Not specifically right now. But check out Heather's classes and tell her you want to do some crazy stuff in class!!

Do you offer prenatal classes?

We currently do not offer designated prenatal classes on our schedule. That being said, any class led by Bridget Regan or Olivia Hayward is completely prenatal accommodated. Many of our other teachers have advanced prenatal training as well.  

Do you offer private instruction?

Totally. Please email or call for more information: info@honeysandiego.com

I've never been in a yoga studio before, what can I expect?

Come on an empty belly (this doesn’t mean super hungry. Rough guideline is nothing heavy within a couple of hours of practice). Arrive about 10-15 minutes early and wear comfy clothes that will allow you to move without adjusting them a whole bunch. Limit your fragrances for the day. Take your shoes off at the bottom of the stairs. Cell phone off!

Let us know you're a newby so we can welcome you properly.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Wheelchair access is through the main door on the corner of El Cajon and Winona. 
Contact us at info@honeysandiego.com for more about adaptive yoga.