About Honey Yoga Prenatal

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Between the kegels and the nipple cream (have we scared you away already!?) and the epidurals and the dolphin-assisted labor and the formula and the goat milk formula and the breast pumps and the gas masks and the Hypnosis and the orbits and the bjorns, it can be really, really intimidating to figure out what kind of pregnancy you want, what kind of birth you want, what kind of parent you want to be, etc..... Allow us to assure you we DGAF what you choose as long as you feel supported, informed and confident. We’re firm believers that we all–whether we’re growing little blobs of life inside of us or not–have all the answers already. It’s usually just a matter of quieting the mind and listening.  

Both of us have advanced teacher training in prenatal yoga. Olivia is herself a three-time (!!!!)  baby-birther, and Bridget has a long history serving pregnant people and their families as a doula and childbirth educator. We always knew that no matter what our studio or community looked like, we wanted to offer prenatal yoga. Mainly because we know you’ve got this! We want you all to know what badasses you are! How strong and resilient and resourceful and powerful. Your yoga practice will only serve to a) show you that’s true, and b) make you even more awesome.

Turns out, prenatal yoga is not actually about stretching your hips enough so that your baby can get through (but it’s totally cool if you thought that). The prenatal yoga we teach at Honey is about a few main things (and the rest is always evolving):

  1. Building strength. Physical strength is incredibly beneficial to labor, birth and motherhood (have you guys seen how much stuff babies come with these days??? That sweet little 8 pound nugget is not the only thing you’ll be lugging around). We think seeing pregnant women as fragile and incapable is a little old-fashioned and unfair. We work hard in prenatal yoga. You can handle it. We promise. And on the days you can't, you take it easy.

  2. Aligning the body--espesh that pelvis. Pelvic health is essential to health in pregnancy and beyond. We focus on alignment that encourages more comfortable pregnancy and shorter, happier labors.

  3. Stress reduction. A really freaking important part of prenatal yoga is the stress reduction. Stress in pregnancy not only (obvi) effects you, but it doesn’t feel good to your baby either. This is one of the most studied aspects of yoga’s effects on pregnant women. The research is clear: prenatal yoga is the bomb.

  4. Getting into your body and out of your head. No matter HOW MANY books you read to prepare for birth, I promise you, your brain will never know how to give birth. Luckily, your body totally does. It takes practice to get out of your body’s way, and that’s what we’re here for.

  5. Breathing. Nope. Not that stuff you see in the movies with the panting and the yelling about “you got me into this situation” (although TBH, Olivia did tell her husband “don’t YOU touch me” during her latest labor). Yoga is all about breath. As pregnancy progresses breath can be in short commodity, what with baby compressing your organs and all. Yoga opens you up to create more space for your lungs and teaches you breath you can carry with you into your labor and birth. Breath can be the best birth partner you could ask for when you feel connected and in control of it.

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