OMG parking!!! Everyone's favorite pain in ass.
Here's a few tips, hints and hacks to help. 

On El Cajon

In front of the studio on El Cajon, there's often spots right out front between 50th and Winona. You just have to be willing to parallel park. Don't be afraid. We believe in you. 

Yellow Curb

There's a yellow-painted curb right in front of the fruteria (across the street from Honey's main door on Winona). According to the City of San Diego, you can park in the yellow after 6 pm everyday and all day on Sundays. It is always your responsibility to double check the city codes and the signage. Also, if you're parking in the yellow, please pull all the way up or all the way back so that another car can fit in there with you! 

Green Curb

Green curb: outside our main entrance on Winona, there is a green curb. The sign says you can park here only for 30 minutes until 6 pm (at which point you can park longer...). So if it's 5:40 pm and you're here for the 5:45 the math! Again, be mindful of fellow parkers, leave room for another full car whenever possible! 


As is the case anywhere in this country, please don't park in the parking lot of a business you're not patronizing or a residence in which you don't reside. Also, you're responsible for your own parking adventures. These are just some things we've learned in our time here on the Boulevard. 

See ya in there, Honey! XOXO